Mohamed Faji

Junior Software Developer

Recent Master's graduate in Information Systems Engineering with a passion for software development. Eager to contribute technical expertise and creativity to a dynamic team environment.

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Backend Development

Building robust and scalable backend
solutions for optimal performance and functionality.

Frontend Development

Designing and making captivating
user interfaces with a focus on seamless
functionality and engaging user experiences.

UI/UX design

Elevating digital interactions through
intuitive UI/UX design, creating user-centric experiences that resonate.


I have brought here my favorite works as a
full-stack web developer.


Real Estate App

Create and deploy a modern real estate application from scratch. Full Stack Real Estate App with Next.js, React.js, TailwindCss, Supabase and Clerk for Authentication and User Management.


Online Grocery React App Store

Build and deploy a full-stack Next.js online grocery store app, creating a seamless shopping experience using React, Strapi, and Tailwind CSS!


Yumrush Food Delivery App

Yumrush is a front-end project for a food delivery app designed to streamline the ordering process for users. Created using React and Vanilla CSS. I still work on the backend with ExpressJS and it's going to be deployed soon...


Below is a summary of the places where I have worked.


Freelancer/ Casablanca

VOID Agency/ Casablanca

Faculty of Science Semlalia/ Marrakech

BTS/ Settat


Software Developer

Full-stack Web Developer

Full-stack Web Developer

Mobile Developer


2023 - Present

02/2023 - 08/2023

04/2021 - 08/2021

04/2020 - 07/2020


Below is a summary of the places I studied

2021 - 2023

Specialized Master - Information Systems Engineering

Faculty of Science Semlalia, Marrakech

2020 - 2021

Professional License - Technologies and Web Programming

Faculty of Science Semlalia, Marrakech

2018 - 2020

BTS - Information Systems Development

BTS preparation classes, Settat

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Casablanca, Morocco